Live from the Oculus Rift press event: what we expect to see


It's been a long time coming, but Oculus VR is finally committing to release dates and prices in the run up to the launch of the Rift.

Today, much more will be revealed at Oculus's pre-E3 press conference where the Facebook-owned company will take to the stage and (hopefully) spill all the juice details. Keep checking this page as we'll be updating it with all the news as it breaks.

News that we expect will include...

Release date

Oculus has promised to start shipping the Rift to buyers in early 2016, with pre-orders kicking off later this year, but that's still quite vague. We're hoping to get something more concrete later today. HTC's Vive will be out by the end of 2015, and given that it's the best VR experience we've had to date, Oculus won't want to be dragging too far behind.

Final design

Oculus has dropped a couple of teasers, but today we expect to see the consumer headset in all its glory. So far it looks similar to Crescent Bay, just a little tidier and perhaps a tad curvier.


A price is yet to be put in stone, but Oculus has suggested we'll be looking at around $1,500 for the Oculus and a VR-ready PC. It'll need to be a pretty powerful PC too if you want a smooth experience, so hopefully that means the headset itself won't be crazy expensive.

Games and experiences

There are plenty of games already working with the Oculus Rift, but most of them are demos or older titles that have been given a post-release VR makeover. We're expecting that the headset will launch alongside some big games that have been fully tailored for the Rift.

But it won't just be games. Virtual reality will have its fingers in everything, and we can't help but wonder what Facebook has planned. Could it be building its very own Metaverse?

We'll know more soon. Today's even kicks off 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

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