Latest portable Xbox 360 mod breaks cover

Ben Heck's latest porta-360 mod is ideal for bored bands on the tourbus
Ben Heck's latest porta-360 mod is ideal for bored bands on the tourbus

The latest portable Xbox 360 from modder Ben Heck has arrived, looking very much like a chubby laptop marketed at children.

It is the fifth iteration of Heck's porta-360, featuring a 17-inch Gateway LCD panel.

TechRadar imagines such a wonder-toy would particularly appeal to bands that spend a lot of time on the tour bus. As such, we have contacted Spinal Tap's UK publicist to see if they would like one to test out!

Feature-rich porta-console

"A few months ago I announced that I would be building a few more Xbox 360 portables, and well, here's one now!" announces the modder on his website.

Heck's latest porta-360 has the following features:

  • Built-in Ethernet port, finally.
  • Built-in WiFi adapter, as usual.
  • Digital pushbutton volume control rather than a clunky knob. I used a different audio amp as well, and it sounds a lot better.
  • Flush-mount DVD door and side panels
  • IR sensor for the remote control.
  • Two user USB ports.
  • More air holes!
  • Jasper motherboard

"Always a pleasure to see Ben's handiwork, and his Xbox 360 laptops are justifiably famous," says Official Xbox 360 Editor, Jon Hicks.

"I still can't see myself actually buying one, though – I'd much rather see my games on a bigger telly, which is probably just as well as the waiting time to get a laptop made is gigantic."

As an aside, there's a great feature about the guy over at and you can see more pictures, info and a demo video over at


Adam Hartley