Hyrule Warriors, Super Smash Bros. and Zelda lead Nintendo's game pack

Bayonetta 2, the mature action game from Platinum, is officially slated for an October release date and will be a Wii U exclusive. While it's unlikely to move consoles by itself, Bayonetta shows Nintendo has a variety to their roster, even if said variety is only a single game.


These babes can battle

Everything from Mario to Xenosaga

The rumor mill turned out a diamond with Mario Maker, a Super Mario level builder. While not much is known about the goals of the game, it looks like an interesting community run title that could rival Sony's LittleBigPlanet 3.

Debuting in true anime fashion, Xenoblade Chronicles will show us what would've happened had Gundam been made into a triple-A title when it comes out in 2015.

Splatoon, Fantasy Life and the Professor

Call of Duty may be a little too mature for Nintendo audiences. In its stead we'll get Splatoon, a third-person shooter that pits teams of squid/human hybrids against one another to cover the map in paint. It's strategic shooter that uses the gamepad - making it a shoo-in on Nintendo's console in 2015.


Splatoon is a messy affair

Announced at the tail end of the show was Fantasy Life, a role-playing game coming to the Nintendo 3DS on October 24.

Also coming to 3DS August 29 is a mash-up title: Professor Layton vs Phoenix Write Ace Attorney.

Feelin' Foxy?

Finally, the last blockbuster title to get an E3 mention was Star Fox on Wii U. It's in development now and was shown as a tech demo to a select group of journalists, but was strangely absent from today's presentation. At a Nintendo Treehouse event, project leader Shigeru Miyamoto said it should be ready in about one year. Which means Star Fox will likely be getting the limelight this time next year.

It would've been nice to see a few more big names in the Nintendo family this year to reassure those of us with Wii Us that the proper choice was made, and wish that the semi-plausible rumor about a price drop was more than just hear-say.

Nintendo shows a lot of promise with the next class of games coming to their systems and with new Nintendo Directs coming every month, there's nothing stopping the company from debuting a big title this time next month.

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