Razer's Project Fiona gaming tablet could become a reality

Razer Project Fiona
One step closer to reality?

Razer's Project Fiona prototype PC gaming tablet was rated as one of the most exciting products at CES this year, and thanks to a simple Facebook post, that excitement could turn the prototype into a retail product.

Razer boss Min-Liang Tan yesterday took to his Facebook page to try and gauge interest in the prototype. He promised that if his post could attain 10,000 Likes or Shares within a week, "work on making the concept a reality and launch the product".

Less than a day later, the post has been given the Facebook thumbs up over 11,000 times.

The concept, which featured a Core i7 powered tablet connected to two dual control joysticks, promised the ability to play full PC games with the comfort of a console-like controller mechanism.

Built in magnetometer and accelerometers, as well as the tablet's touchscreen, offered the possibility of an engaging new interface for the PC games market, although it was clearly shown off as a prototype at the Vegas trade show.

Designed by gamers

Tan also used his Facebook post to promise to crowd source some of the final design decisions, should it reach the necessary 10,000 Likes.

Tan asked fans to post requests for everything from specs to form factor, pricing and included features. The idea of offering the community the chance to contribute to the final product no doubt played a part in the post reaching 10,000 Likes so quickly.

Whether Razer actually follows through with the product's development after making the promise is yet to be seen, but it will certainly light a fire underneath PC gamers looking for an innovative way to game on the go.

Via: Facebook

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