Nintendo 3DS XL now on sale in the UK

Nintendo 3DS now on sale in the UK
Reviews claim the 3DS XL has a larger 3D sweet spot

Nintendo has now unleashed its larger 3DS XL console for UK and European gamers.

The device with 4.88-inch and 4.12-inch screens went on sale this weekend for £179.99 compared with the £149.99 RRP of the original glasses-free 3D console.

The Nintendo 3DS XL has 90 per cent more screen real-estate, while the handheld system is just 46 per cent larger in terms of overall size.

This gives the console a much larger 3D sweet-spot and critics claim the overall gaming experience is improved by the new offering.

More storage, longer battery life

The console is available in three colours and also boasts an improved battery life of 6.5 hours compared to the 5 hours available on the original 3DS.

It'll also ship with a 4GB SD card rather than the 3DS' 2GB offering.

The launch of the 3DS XL comes as Nintendo looks to lure gamers back to fully-fledged handheld consoles rather than the ease of cheap smartphone gaming.


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