First GTA DS details leaked

Mature, open-world, online Wi-Fi multiplayer GTA Chinatown Wars on the way soon

The Nintendo DS, traditionally seen as a younger gamers' console, is soon to get one of the biggest adult games on the planet, when Rockstar releases GTA: Chinatown Wars later this year, with the first details spilling onto the internet this week.

UGO originally posted excerpts from the GTA DS consumer survey, then removed it, at Rockstar's request.

Luckily, good old Destructoid managed to grab part of the Rockstar customer survey, which suggests that the Nintendo DS version of GTA is set to feature:

  • an open-world environment with changing weather and traffic patterns
  • smart Police and pedestrian AI
  • a mature storyline about a young gang soldier involved in the internal power struggle for control of his gang
  • competitive and co-op online and offline multiplayer modes
  • 70 missions making up over 20 hours of gameplay with 'significant replayability'.

Hotwiring cars minigame

Oh, and of course, the requisite serving of stylus-based mini-games, such as assembling a sniper rifle to complete an assassination mission, smashing locks and hotwiring cars to steal them.

While this info comes from a consumer survey, it's pretty safe to say we should see all the above features in the game when it arrives.

TechRadar has contacted Rockstar UK for further comment. The online co-op play function sounds particularly intriguing and we should find out more about that pretty soon, so stay tuned.