EA to reprise Desert Strike and Road Rash?

Road Rash
Road Rash allowed you to punch people in the face and knock them off their motorbike. Awesome

Electronic Arts is planning to bring back 'a couple' of classic gaming franchises, according to the head of EA Labels.

Frank Gibeau, formerly the head of EA Games, hinted that beloved 90s titles like Desert Strike and Road Rash may be updated for the modern era.

Speaking to CVG at Gamescon 2011 in Cologne, Gibeau says that EA won't bring back titles for the sake of it, but will embrace the opportunity to add new elements to celebrated classics.

He said: "We do have a couple of old franchises that we're looking at right now... reimagining them and bringing them back."

25 years

"We've got 25 years of good IPs and I've worked on a few of them in my career like Road Rash and the Strike series. So I have a strong affinity for a lot of the things we've done in the past.

"We kind of have a rule which is you've got to have a really good reason to bring something back - What can you do to it that makes it fresh and brings something new to the equation of the franchise?

"But when we look at Road Rash, the Strike series or some of these other franchises we really challenge ourselves. We can't just put them on new tech with the same gameplay from ten years ago, we've got to have something new. That's the typical challenge that we have."

Both Desert Strike (along with the Jungle Strike and Urban Strike sequels) and Road Rash stand out as some of the most fondly remembered titles from the Sega Megadrive era and any revamp for the PS3, Xbox or iOS devices would be welcome.

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