Xbox One gamers need just a little more imagination…

Red Dead Redemption
Topping the backwards compatibility list

Just a couple of weeks after Microsoft announced the new backwards compatibility feature for Xbox One at this year's E3 there have been over a million votes cast on which 360 titles get on the list.

Of course Rockstar's rootin' tootin' open-world Western epic, Red Dead Redemption, is right there at the top, with over 57,000 votes.

One of my biggest disappointments of E3 2015 was the fact there was no new Red Dead to get excited about and given that it's topping the voting list I'd guess there are a good few Xbox One owners out there feeling the same.

Hell, if Rockstar had released it on PC I'd still be playing it today. With high-res texture packs at 4K and with fan-made Eli Wallach skins too. I still remember getting giddy as a schoolkid when Rockstar contacted us years ago, while I was working on PC mags, about a cover exclusive of the never-released PC version...

Oldies but goodies

There are now 1,555 games on the compatibility list to vote for, which is great. The fact that four out of the top ten are Call of Duty games is not.

There are some amazing pieces of gaming history on the Xbox 360 that are still absolutely worth playing today; lets get Hitman: Blood Money and Dead Space 2 higher up on the list.

Sure, the first Modern Warfare is worthy of a place in the top ten; it was a superb shooter and a fantastic, frenetic, cinematic ride. But Modern Warfare 2, BLOPS and BLOPS 2 as well?

I'm pleased that Skyrim's up there though, but having been ploughing through the latest Batman game (and enjoying it despite playing it on PC) I've got a hankering for going back into the more-focused narrative of Arkham Asylum.

There are some 17,000 people on the list feeling the same.

What games do you want to see getting the Xbox One backwards compatibility treatment? If you want to get in on the game and cast your votes head over to Xbox and make your click heard.