Xbox 360 moving past PS2 in play-time ranking

Xbox 360 - on the rise
Xbox 360 - on the rise

The Xbox 360 is now neck and neck with the PlayStation 2 in terms of the amount of playtime, with Microsoft's console looking set to move clear in coming months.

The PlayStation 2 has long been the most played console, but the Xbox 360 has gone through a major play-time growth spurt in the past six months, and according to Nielsen data, is 'neck and neck' with the ageing PS2.

"Xbox 360 and PS2 are now neck and neck in terms of minutes played per month, yet June data shows Xbox 360 is the most active console, with the 6-month trend show Xbox 360 with the highest active users," says the Neilsen report.

Video game usage up

Video game usage as whole is on the rise, with a phenomenal 21 per cent rise year on year for June.

"The average console gamer played 768 minutes on consoles during this year's June reporting month."

Neilsen's six month trend

Understandably, Microsoft is very excited, and perhaps a little smug, about the news that the Xbox 360 is doing well, issuing its own release about the data.

Full entertainment package

"It comes down to full entertainment package Xbox 360 is delivering," said the Xbox team. "From the hottest new games to our online offerings over Xbox LIVE including more than 30,000 pieces of instantly streaming movie and TV show content from a range of movie and TV studio partners and Netflix.

"And this fall, Xbox is ushering in new era of social entertainment, with partners like, instant on 1080p streaming video from Zune, and full game digital distribution through Games on Demand.

"Plus, with the addition of Facebook and Twitter these entertainment experiences can be shared with the biggest social networks on the planet."

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