PS4 won't be big in Japan until 2014, as Sony delays release in homeland

PS4 won't be big in Japan until 2014, as Sony delays release in homeland
Sony turning its back on Japan?

Sony has, somewhat surprisingly, announced that its forthcoming PS4 console will not go on sale in Japan until later February 2014 - more than three months after its initial launch in the United States.

The February 22 launch date represents the first time in Sony's 20+ year history in the games industry, that a new console won't be bestowed upon its countrymen first.

The next-gen gaming machine launches in the United States on November 15 2013 and will arrive in Europe and Australia on November 29.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Sony has decided to wait to ensure there is an "ample" supply of games that are suited to the palate of gamers in its homeland.


The paper also speculates that the declining importance of PlayStation sales in Japan may have also contributed to the company's decision.

In the Land of the Rising Sun, the PSOne 18.6 per cent of sales came form Japan. That figure dropped to 14.7 per cent for the PS2 and further still to 11.9 per cent for the PS3.

Perhaps Sony is onto something, but it gamers in the motherland must feel a little bit perturbed by the decision, especially those who'd had it on the Christmas list.

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