The PS4 is finally getting the piece of hardware it needs

PS4 remote

Update: Put down your controller, the PDP PS4 remote has (almost) arrived. A press release sent to techradar confirmed that both companies have targeted the end of October for launch and a set price of $29.99.

The Universal Media Remote can control up to three additional devices - a TV, cable box and a receiver - and will connect via Bluetooth to your PS4.

The same press release listed all the apps that are compatible with the remote: Blu-ray Disc Player, Crunchyroll, DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket, FUNimation, HBO GO, Media Player, NBA GAME TIME, Netflix, PlayStation Video, PlayStation Vue, Twitch and YouTube.

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We should all be thanking PDP for sneakily (not) announcing a new remote control for the PS4 so we can carry on binge watching Netflix without using a DualShock controller.

With the meager amount of games on the PlayStation, it seems like the console ends up as machine for streaming, or used as a Blu-ray player anyway.

The Xbox One and the previous consoles already have remotes on hand but for some reason, it's taken the PS4 a little longer.

Thankfully, it looks like Amazon and Gamestop - and likely other retailers later - are making sure we can finally get one in October for $30 (about £19, AU$40), though you can pre-order it now.

The sites also note you can use the remote for up to four devices, there will be dedicated buttons for PS4 Home and there's a minimum six month battery life under normal use (with the requirement of two AAA batteries).