New PS Vita brings less bulk, more colour

PS Vita 2000 brings less bulk and more colour
One for the casuals, apparently

It's the one we've been waiting for – Sony has just announced a new iteration of the PS Vita that's both lighter and thinner.

Revealed at the Tokyo Game Show conference today, the PS Vita 2000 also comes in a range of colours - white, pink, brown, blue, black and yellow.

The new handheld is 20% thinner and 15% lighter than its predecessor and comes with 1GB of internal memory.

It also moves from the standard charger to a micro-USB, while the battery itself has been expanded by an extra hour.

Keep it casual

According to Sony, the new Vita is designed to drag more casual gamers over to its handheld, well timed ahead of the PS4 release.

The new PS Vita also arrives just after Nintendo announced the 2DS, a new version of its 3DS without the third dimension (in case you hadn't worked that bit out from the name).

The PS Vita 2000 will hit Japan on October 10 with a suggested retail price of 19,929 yen, which is about $200 (about £128)

As for the UK, US and Australia, a Sony spokesperson told us: "We've not made any announcement about whether the 2000 series will be releasing in the UK/Europe".

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