Limited edition Ouya is dressed up all in white, packs two times the storage

White Ouya
New color and more storage? Booyeah

If its alien-grey shade was the main thing stopping you from investing in an Ouya, then today may be your lucky day.

Ouya has announced that its inexpensive Android game console will arrive in an all-new white shade just in time for the holidays, though unfortunately for international customers only in North America.

The limited edition white Ouya is slightly more expensive than the original. It's priced at $129 in the US, compared to $99 (£99, about AU$105), but the pearly version comes with one added bonus.

More specifically, the new Ouya brings the welcome addition of more storage - double the storage, in fact.

Double trouble

The new limited edition white Ouya has 16GB, compared to the original's 8GB.

For the extra charge, that extra space alone should be worth it.

Ouya called it "the first limited edition Ouya console" in its press release, implying that more limited edition consoles are on their way.

This suggests that the white Ouya really is a limited edition, as in supplies might not last forever and it could be discontinued before long.

However, the company promised that it will arrive by Christmas if you order it by December 8, so if the perks sound appealing, we say go for it ASAP.

We asked Ouya if it plans to take the special Ouya global, but were told by a company spokesman that the launch is limited to North America for now.

The rest of the specs

Other than the increased storage memory, the white Ouya has the same specs as the regular version.

That includes Tegra 3 graphics and a quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, HDMI out, and USB and microUSB ports.

According to Ouya, there are now more than 500 games available for the minuscule Android console, and all of them feature free demos.

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