Chiropractic Association offers Wii advice

The British Chiropractic Association has issued a 5-step guide for Wii owners

The British Chiropractic Association ( BCA ) has offered its advice on how to warm up in preparation for a session on Nintendo 's Wii games console.

With a spate of muscle complaints now littering the internet, the BCA is suggesting some light stretching exercises, so you don't wake up feeling sore the next day.

The BCA is very pleased the console promotes physical activity, as apposed to other consoles, especially at Christmas. A spokesperson added: "Treat it like a gym work out - do some warming up and cooling down."

The BCA's five-step guide to better Wii play looks like this:

  • Shoulder Shrug. Slowly shrug your shoulders towards your ears. Hold for two-three seconds, and then relax. Repeat three times. Because it is easier to relax a muscle after you've tightened it, you will relax the muscles in the shoulder and allow the blood to flow into the arms.
  • Wrist Stretch. Slowly stretch the wrist backwards, hold for two-three seconds, then Slowly stretch is forwards and hold for two-three seconds. Repeat three times. This exercise prevents tightening of the wrists.
  • Make a Fist. Hold the arm at right angles from the elbow. Make a fist and tense it, and the whole of your arm. Hold for two-three seconds, then relax and let the arm flop to your side. Repeat three times. This will help the blood flow and tone the muscles.
  • Neck muscle stretch. Try to make a double chin, to stretch the muscles at the base of the neck. Hold this position for two-three seconds and repeat three times. Always stretch very slowly.
  • Lower back loosen. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart slowly circle your hips five revolutions to the right and then five revolutions to your left.