Aussies will get hands on with Xbox One at EBGames Expo

Xbox One at EB Expo
No Xbox One hands on for Australia until October

While Comic-Con attendees are currently experiencing the next-gen console wars with their very own thumbs, Microsoft used its PAX Australia panel to confirm that Aussies will get their first taste of the Xbox One at the EB Games Expo on October.

Around 100 of Microsoft's next console will be on the show floor for gamers attending the retailer's Sydney event in October.

In a statement on the EB Games Expo website, Manager of Brand Engagement and Events, Debra McGrath said,

"We are thrilled that EB Games and Microsoft are combining forces to give gamers a chance to get hands-on with the Xbox One at this year's EB Expo. We hope that this glimpse of the future is as exciting to the gaming public as it is to us."

The Great PAX disappearing Xbox One

Xbox One box at PAX

In stark contrast to the abundance of hardware at the Sydney Expo, Microsoft has taken a much more subtle approach to the console's presence at PAX.

A small Microsoft stall in the main expo hall held nothing more than an empty glass box for most of the opening day, with a sign explaining the console's presence for two hours a day.

Exactly why Microsoft has been so frugal with the console is unknown, although that can be said about many of Microsoft's Xbox One decisions so far.

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