Expect a lot more original feature films on Apple TV Plus in the future

Apple TV Plus
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Right from the beginning, Apple has been producing its own original content for the Apple TV Plus service, and now a new report suggests that the company is going to put a particular focus on making feature films in the years ahead.

That's as per sources speaking to The Information (via MacRumors): apparently former WarnerMedia executive Jessie Henderson has been hired to "beef up" the original movies that Apple is in the process of putting together.

Apple is hoping that the exclusive movie drive will help to draw subscribers to the Apple TV Plus service as well as to the Apple One digital bundle – both of which play an increasingly important part of Apple's financial outlook.

Apple has apparently been letting people in the industry know that it's committed to making at least 10-12 original films every year for Apple TV Plus – so that's theoretically a new movie premiere for every month of the year.

Let's go to the movies

To date Apple TV Plus has a limited number of original movies: titles such as On The Rocks and The Elephant Queen have been made in partnership with the film studio A24, which has an ongoing agreement with Apple.

Other movies, including Greyhound and Cherry, had their distribution rights picked by Apple after being produced elsewhere. It looks as though Apple is now keen to bolster both the films it's buying and the films it's developing from the beginning.

And of course it's a very competitive market out there: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Peacock, HBO Max and many others are all vying for customer eyeballs in the streaming platform business, and Apple won't want to get left behind.

The results of the new hire and the new approach may not appear on Apple TV Plus for a few years yet, but they're on the way. The service will currently set you back $4.99 / £4.99 / AU$7.99 per month, or you can get a year's subscription by buying a new Apple device.

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