Dreams on PS4 now has a full release date and an amazing new trailer

(Image credit: Sony/Media Molecule)

Dreams is officially releasing on PS4 on February 14 2020, Sony has confirmed in its State of Play presentation. The Media Molecule game has been in an early access period for a while, and it's spawned a ton of great games made with its creation tools. They've been showcased in the above trailer, which includes an amazing array of player-created projects. 

You'll even see a full-blown recreation of the WipEout series, which is a tantalizing glimpse of what the game's tools are capable of. 

Sony doesn't dabble with early access-style releases that much, but it's allowed players to create marketing for the game, which is pretty clever. This release date likely means a full retail version of the game - previously, you could only download it from the PlayStation Store. 

Media Molecule is the developer behind LittleBigPlanet, and its last game was Tearaway on PS Vita (and later PS4). The last LittleBigPlanet from this team launched on consoles in 2011, so its next home console release has been a long wait. 

Samuel Roberts

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