First HomeKit devices set to launch next week, according to reports

Apple HomeKit announcement.
HomeKit kit for your home is on the way at last.

When Apple announced HomeKit at WWDC 2014, we didn't think we'd still be waiting for the first products by the time WWDC 2015 rolled around - but there's only a week to go before this year's event starts on 8 June.

It seems there's now light at the end of the tunnel: sources speaking to 9to5Mac, which has a good reputation for getting insider information, say that the first HomeKit-compatible products will be launched next week.

With WWDC set to give us a deluge of new information about iOS 9, HomeKit, Apple TV and more, it makes sense to get some product launches scheduled in advance to free up more time at the event itself.

Home sweet Apple home

The HomeKit platform lets you control compatible smart devices - thermostats, lights, door locks and so on - with a compatible portfolio of kit and Siri voice control. Both the Apple Watch and Apple TV are rumoured to be getting HomeKit upgrades in the near future.

We're also expecting iOS 9 to include a Home app that lets you control all the HomeKit devices you've picked up. What the first set of devices will be isn't clear, but we saw some power switch controls and smart locks at CES in January.

There's no official word yet from Apple or any of its partners, but 9to5Mac reckons five companies are going to show off their wares before WWDC gets underway. As always, we'll keep you right up to date.

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