Apple's smart home future begins in June

Apple HomeKit

The first Apple HomeKit-enabled devices will arrive in June, Apple said today.

"HomeKit [hardware certification] has been available for just a few months and we already have dozens of partners who have committed to bringing HomeKit accessories to market and we're looking forward to the first ones coming next month," an Apple spokeswoman told the Wall Street Journal.

The word from Cupertino contradicts an earlier report by Fortune which said HomeKit devices were delayed as Apple worked to fix problems with its connected home platform. Fortune updated its article to say "some devices" have been pushed from an anticipated spring/early summer release time frame to one closer to the fall.

Apple has never said specifically when HomeKit-enabled products like light bulbs and garage door openers would become available, though reports indicated they would release by May or June.

HomeKit woes

HomeKit, which will let users control products in their homes with iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), was announced alongside iOS 8 last year. Apple was big on fanfare but offered little on specifics as to how HomeKit would actually work.

Apple has stayed quiet on HomeKit since it was announced, leading to speculation it may have bit off more than it could chew when deciding to use a common protocol to connect smart home and iOS devices with one another.

According to Forbes, too much memory was needed for smaller, battery-powered devices, something Apple is working to rectify.

In the wake of today's news, expect to more about HomeKit and the devices that support it during WWDC, which kicks off June 8.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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