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In pictures: MSI's 24-inch Windtop AE2400 multi-touch PC

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Fancy a 24-inch touchscreen PC in your home? Windows 7's compatability with multi-touch displays means we're about to see a whole new raft of touch control machines.

The new Windtop AE2400 is one, but it's certainly aiming for the high end of the market with a 1,920 x 1,080 Full HD glossy display and a clear entertainment purpose.

MSI windtop ae2400

In contrast to the MSI X600 ultra-slim that we've also seen on stand, the new Windtop has been launched quietly – though we'll expect to hear more about it when it actually goes on sale in the UK.

MSI windtop ae2400

In Europe, it'll cost 1200 Euros, so expect somewhere around or just below that as a Sterling price, too.

But you will get an awful lot of power for the cash; the graphics are boosted by Nvidia's new Ion processor, while there's also an Intel Core 2 Quad chip inside to boot (although it seems that Core 2 Duo variants will also be available).

MSI windtop ae2400

The unit also packs a Blu-ray drive plus an HDMI port, SPDIF out and eSATA connection.

MSI windtop ae2400

The Windtop certainly has little bit of the iMac about it with a good-looking finish. However, it remains to be seen whether people will be prepared to spend this kind of money on such a device - and if Windows 7 can really make touch a serious concept on the PC.

MSI windtop ae2400


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