HP UK boss welcomes company's PC rethink

HP UK welcomes company's PC rethink
HP UK welcomes company's PC rethink

HP's UK chief has responded to the news that the company is not now going to be leaving the PC manufacturing sector – welcoming the decision.

Paul Hunter had been one of the immediate voices of reason in the flurry of activity following a statement that the PC business could be spun off.

HP's about-turn this week, after the replacement of Leo Apotheker as global CEO, is clearly a relief to Hunter, although he insists that the computer business would have survived a spin-off.


"The decision to keep the Personal Systems Group within the whole of HP is a welcome one," said Hunter in a statement.

"While I was very confident of our ability to thrive and grow should the business be spun out into a separate company - or even sold - I am pleased we will remain closely integrated, for a number of reasons.

"Firstly, we have undergone a robust, and at times very public, audit of the company which can only make us fitter and stronger.

"After a deep data driven analysis, we have decided that HP and the Personal Systems Group (PSG) are stronger together. Our strength comes from being together.

"Finally, looking at the results over the related period for the PSG business, we have performed well.

"Market share has remained remarkably resilient. We are in a strong position and are striving to increase the gap on our competition."


Hunter insisted that the soul-searching that the company has gone through in a period of major upheaval wil benefit customers.

"We will get closer to all of our customers; whether that's deepening the support for our channel partners, providing more consultancy and advice for our enterprise customers or delivering improved customer service and after-sales support for our consumers.

"To achieve this, we are looking to amplify our successes and invest in our successful experiments.

"…we are doing some great work already but we can, and will, do even better. You can expect to hear much more from HP PSG in coming months and as always, I am very keen to hear feedback from our partners, and please contact me or a member of my team if you have any comments or questions."

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