Cover your eyes! 10 ugliest PC mods ever

Quake Toilet
Who said PCs aren't as stylish as Macs?

Whether you think PC case modders are creative genuises pushing modern technology to the limit, or frustrated artists with way, way too much time on their hands, you can't help but appreciate the time and effort which goes into their creations.

Well, most of them, anyway... sometimes, the best-intentioned mod goes terribly, terribly wrong, and you end up with something looking like these ten abominations.

Look and learn...

10. KANA
Okay, so the actual design (by Miss Kanna) and build of this manga model isn't exactly ugly. But would you really want a creepy Real Doll-style doobrie continually staring up at you while you're checking out Facebook?

9. Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica the TV programme has reinvented itself as a complex, thought-provoking take on political power (apparently - we never watch it). Battlestar Galactica the case mod, however, could easily be a miniature used for special effects in the '80s series. This, my friends, is state of the art... if you're 12.

8. Strogg
It's a lottery ball machine! It's the inside of a tumble dryer! Actually we're not sure what this is, apart from a bit of a mess. Apparently this is another Quake-inspired design - something to do with the Stroggs - though if it weren't for that logo, we'd be none the wiser.

7. Biomech
HR Giger has a lot to answer for. For some reason, it seems ridiculously difficult to translate his own twisted version of "biomech" design into any other medium. Take this, er, tribute to the Swiss surrealist's bonkersness, for instance; sadly, it looks like the sort of thing a version of Blue Peter gone mad might create.

6. Iron Man
Another one from the "Blue Peter gone bad" file, and created in a mere three weeks, too. The problem with this Iron Man mod is not just the artfully-applied weathering on the case or the frankly tenuous tie-in to the comic; it's THAT mask, which looks more like an annoyed baddie from an Atari 2600 game than a near-invincible superhero.

5. Paperazi
Using the time-honoured creative medium of papier mache (hence the misspelt name Paperazi), "Acey" has managed to turn a boring, functional case into an enormous dog turd. A turd in which some nasty person has been drawing designs, too. We suspect fumes from the lacquer may have had something to do with this.

4. Project Monolith
Gently creeping over the line from enthusiasm to insanity, Project Monolith is one man's vision to entirely watercool his PC. As he explains: "If produces heat, it will have a waterblock on it." Et voila, for approximately the price of a new garage he can now overclock by 19 per cent. Well worth it, obviously.

3. Project Lament: Hellraiser
Project Lament: Hellraiser - in which Clive Barker's only decent film is reimagined as a kind of carnival-funhouse-type affair - or perhaps it's a loving tribute to those plastic statues which charities use to collect loose change. Question one: why not Pinhead? Question two: what's with the wheels? Question three: is it difficult to clean?

2. The Case That Must Not Be Named
Sadly, this is The Case That Must Not Be Named for all the wrong reasons. When fantasy writer H. P. Lovecraft was distilling his seminal visions of otherwordly horror back in the early 1900s, we're fairly sure he didn't have this in mind. Still, at least it proves there's a very fine line between cosmic terror and unintentional comedy.

1. Quake Toilet
Well, the Quake Toilet is nothing if not novel. Whoever created this mod clearly has a unique take on aesthetics. It wasn't enough that his PC had to look like a deeply unpleasant toilet. No, what this guy wanted - nay, NEEDED - was a Quake-branded toilet (but of course!) complete with a flusher. Why? WHY?


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