Goodbye Max PC. Hello TechRadar

If you’ve just landed here instead of finding Future’s Max PC web site, then welcome to TechRadar – the replacement for Max PC.

TechRadar is a daily news, reviews and community-based website that’s dedicated to consumer technology. So we cover everything from computing to home entertainment, pausing only to gaze at gadgets, iPods, cameras, games consoles and breakthrough technologies along the way.

What is TechRadar?

Like the old Max PC, TechRadar is also where you’ll find reviews and features from some of the UK’s leading technology magazines, including: PC Plus, PC Format, PC Answers, MacFormat and Home Cinema Choice.

As a result, TechRadar features more reviews than any other UK technology site.

You’ll also find a variety of blogs on TechRadar, and you can get involved in discussing the latest news and reviews yourselves. Either leave a comment on an article or visit our forums.

In short: TechRadar is bigger, broader and better than Max PC ever was. So have a look around. And let us know what you think, by emailing

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