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Sky's Mobile TV for iPad - sexy
Sky's Mobile TV for iPad - sexy

The Apple iPad has arrived, and assuming you have just got your mitts on the biggest gadget of the year so far, then you'll be looking to get the best out of it.

TechRadar has a whole host of special editorial that should allow you to check out what your device can do, what apps you should be downloading, tips and tricks and solutions to some of the most common problems.

First stop is probably the extensive UK Apple iPad review, for an in-depth look at just what your device can do before you take a look at the top 20 best free Apps for iPad.

iPad problems solved, best iPad games

If you are having trouble then you can look at our guide 10 common iPad problems solved, or download our troubleshooting flowchart.

Or if you're looking to show off your new device's graphics how about the 10 best iPad games worth paying for.

For free iPad games, look no further than our Top 20 best free iPad games round-up.

There is a monster collection of the 60 really useful iPad tips and tricks, and if you have the device but not yet a SIM, then how about our look at the best iPad data deals for UK buyers.

If you have already found a few faults with the device then how about contributing a comment to our list of 7 things Apple should change for iPad 2, or if you are feeling a little bit Dom Jolly-ish and want to make phone calls on the iPad, then we have a guide.

Already fed up of the virtual keyboard? Then check out some iPad accessories.

And that's just the start, if you are browsing TechRadar on your iPad, or just killing time at work before you can get down to the shops for yours - then you can look back at all of the iPad news, features and reviews we have had for the last weeks and months.

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