Sneak peak at Apple iOS 4.2

Apple's new iOS 4.2 brings loads of new streaming features to the iPad
Apple's new iOS 4.2 brings loads of new streaming features to the iPad

Steve Jobs revealed a sneak peek of iOS 4.2, which is all about the iPad, bringing a selection of new features to Apple's tablet PC.

The Apple CEO demonstrated a number of these new iOS 4.2 features - including wireless printing, new streaming features from the new 'Airplay' option and more.

It is the new music streaming features arriving with Apple Airplay that are by far the most interesting aspects of iOS 4.2.

Game Center, AirPlay, TV rentals

Jobs announced that the next iOS update will be due this coming November, with Apple releasing the iOS 4.2 firmware free of charge to iPad owners.

The iPad will also get multitasking, folders for grouping apps, and many other features already found in iOS 4. The multitasking dock for the iPad will pack in brightness controls, music controls, recently used apps and a rotation lock button.

TV show rentals and Game Center will also come to the iPad with iOS 4.2 in November, which means multi-player gaming, improved matchmaking in games and better social networking features.

AirPlay is another new iOS 4.2 app on the way to the iPad, letting users stream video, audio and photos can be streamed over a Wi-Fi network to the iPad from a computer.

Jobs noted that there are already 25,000 iPad apps in the Apple App Store, ready to be downloaded by the millions of iPad users across the globe.

Adam Hartley