iOS 5.1 beta reveals proof of new iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

iOS 5.1 beta reveals new iPhone, iPad and Apple TV proof
Code reveals Apple kit

The beta version iOS 5.1 has been released to developers and there are a number of references to apparent new hardware in the code.

It's been a matter of minutes since the last iPhone 5 and iPad 3 rumour appeared, so we thought it only fitting to wildly speculate that the beta code for iOS 5.1 houses myriad hints that new Apple hardware is indeed in the works.

First up is reference to the iPhone 5,1 – which seems to be the internal name for the new iPhone.

The code comes just after the iPhone 4,1, which is the internal code for the iPhone 4S. The jump to 5 means that there will probably be significant hardware changes to the phone, including the likes of a new processor and a new screen.

It's not just references to future Apple kit that can be found in iOS 5 - check out our hands on video with the software below:

New iPad

A new iPad is also referenced and has been given the moniker iPad 2,4. As this is a jump in number it is thought that this wouldn't be a massive upgrade but could well be a 3G-only version of the iPad that is soon to be released in the US by telco Sprint.

Finally, a new version of Apple TV is referenced and has been given the codename J33. Rumour has it that this could be the 1080p-toting Apple TV which is said to be in the works.

Having Apple outline its new kit in the up-coming code is a sure sign that there's Apple kit on the way.

Very likely

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