Apple iPad gets its first 3D game

iPad Flight Control 3D
iPad Flight Control 3D

An Australian games developer has announced a 3D game for the Apple iPad, although you will need the old anaglyph two colour glasses to take advantage.

Firemint has updated Flight Control HD – already selling well on the device – to bring a 3D option.

Speaking to Industry Games, CEO of Firemint, Robert Murray, said, "There has been a lot of activity around new 3D technology recently, with the releases of Avatar and Alice in Wonderland and the announcement of new 3D TVs on the horizon.

"We wanted to play with that a bit, which is what the 3D map in Flight Control HD is all about. The Flight Control world is set in the golden era of flight, it's got a pop culture retro aesthetic to it.

"The idea of red/cyan 3D just seemed like a wonderfully retro interpretation of modern 3D technology, it suits Flight Control very nicely."

Gimmick? Yes

Is it a gimmick? Of courser – but that's something that Murry freely admits.

"We don't expect people to play the game in 3D very seriously, it is more of a gimmick than anything else and that's why we don't mention it in the description on the App Store.

"It's a little surprise to discover, I think people who have the glasses will take a look at it, be amused and maybe somewhat inspired by the potential, but they won't predominantly play the game that way, it's just a cool bonus."

Be warned – walking round with an iPad is already going to mark you out on your morning commute, and wearing old school 3D glasses might just tip things over the edge into Punchville.

Patrick Goss

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