AOC's 'immersive' 35-inch monitor boasts huge curve and 160Hz refresh rate


AOC has produced a new monitor for gamers, and it's a big one indeed, with the C3583FQ rocking a 35-inch curved display.

Its maker notes that the desktop-hogger has a more pronounced curve than most PC monitors, which supposedly makes for a more immersive gaming experience – particularly when you're sat up close to a 35-inch screen.

The C3583FQ boasts a pixel-resolution of 2560 x 1080 (meaning it's a "cinematic" 21:9 aspect ratio monitor) and a refresh rate of 160Hz, which is good news for gamers looking to go beyond standard 60Hz.

It also supports AMD's FreeSync (over a 45 to 160Hz range) for smooth frame rates and no off-putting tearing.

Blacker than black

The C3583FQ has a response time of 4ms, and it's an MVA panel providing deeper blacks, AOC notes, along with a contrast ratio of 2000:1. There is also a gaming mode to optimise colours for games, and you get a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees.

In terms of connectivity you get a pair of HDMI ports along with two DisplayPorts, plus D-Sub and DVI. This monitor also offers built-in stereo speakers (although like any integrated speakers, they're unlikely to do games any sort of justice).

So, onto the part you've likely been waiting for – just how much cash will this 35-inch monster devour from your wallet? The AOC C3583FQ will set you back £579 (around $830, AU$1,200), and is due out next month.

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