MSI P55A Fuzion motherboard arrives

MSI has recently announced the mainstream versions of its Fuzion motherboards.

What's interesting about this line up?

Well, like the Big Bang Fuzion P55 board before it, these 870A and P55A Fuzion boards carry the Lucid Hydra graphics chip.

This wee chippie enables multiple graphics cards to be used on the board, but the difference between traditional SLI and Crossfire boards though is that either AMD or NVIDIA cards can be used in any combination.

That means NVIDIA and AMD cards, like ebony and ivory, living together in perfect harmony, side by side next to this very keyboard. Oh lord, why don't we?

Previously we thought that was a signal the end times where close at hand, like human sacrifices and cats and dogs living together, but MSI is here to prove that wrong.

Currently we're told Lucid is making regular driver updates, at least in line with the sort of driver updates AMD makes in its monthly cycle.

We're also told that the current driver set is almost in line with the actual manufacturer's driver performance, and in some configurations actually better.

Other motherboard manufacturers are working with Lucid at the moment to implement its technology in other upcoming motherboards, but MSI has been at the forefront of this new tech.

We've got a pre-production sample of the P55a Fuzion benching in the test rig at the moment and will get you a hands-on review soon as we've corralled the NVIDIA and AMD cards into the same board.

Til then we'll leave you with the gorgeous hi-res imagery and the glorious possibilities GPU cross compatibility could offer.