Maplin serves up in-car microwave

In-car GM readymeals with Maplin's dinky microwave

As smoking becomes less and less fashionable, we're enjoying a slew of new ways to revitalise your under-used car cigarette lighter socket.

After mini fans, tiny vacuum cleaners and even the fantastic Erotic Car Seat Seduction Massager, Maplin brings us the latest must-have 12 volt item – the mini in-car microwave.

Meals on wheels

T3 reports how the handy little fella offers 175W of warming power while attached to the cigarette socket, but can also be plugged directly into the car battery for a hamster-destroying 660W of nuclear cooking action.

There are also some neat touchscreen and LED interfaces to help you dine on the go while keeping your eyes on the road, all wrapped up in a handsome steel casing.

The Maplin in-car microwave is available now, and costs £90.