Navman My Series to get free monthly verified map updates

Navman My450LMT
You are Here!

Over the last couple of years, more and more people are relying on mapping apps on their phones, like Google Maps or Apple's slightly buggy alternative.

Navman, however, still believes that there is more to be achieved with a personal navigation device (NPD) rather than just relying on an app on your smartphone that may not frequently update local data.

With the launch of their My Series range in Australia, Navman announced a number of new features that aren't necessarily found in apps, including free automatic monthly updates of verified maps supplied by Here, a new service developed from the merging of Nokia Maps technology and Navteq.

Here will be available on Navman's My450LMT model, and the feature uses Rapid Map Refresh, which updates things like new roads, development sites, school zones and points of interests, such as hospitals and airports.

Other features in the My450LMT includes 5-inch screens, spoken safety alerts, driver alerts, fatigue alerts, live traffic updates and two years warranty.

It also includes Voice Destination Entry, where you can just speak say, "Sydney Opera House" or "Blue Mountains", instead of having to say actual addresses. There is also shortcut search buttons for cafés or places to find coffee, as well as a fuel-type specific search for petrol stations.

Developing Australia

One of the key drivers for Navman to include the Rapid Map Refresh is because of the constantly changing and developing road network of Australia.

"I think people are not aware of how many changes occur. Not only are there new roads, new traffic alerts and cameras, but also changes like the local names of areas, for example East Redfern in Sydney became known as Moore Park simply because locals began calling the area Moore Park," said Wendy Hammond, the country director of Navman Australia.

"In today's fast-paced world, people expect to have the latest and most accurate information as soon as possible. It just made sense for us to ensure drivers also have access to the most up-to-date details on the road."

The My450LMT RRPs for $279, with the My400LMT and EZY250LM models also being launched this week for $229 and $169, respectively.

While these two don't have Rapid Map Refresh preloaded and the availability of the other features mentioned above coincide with their price-points, they do include Lifetime Maps for free, which updates the device quarterly instead of monthly.

Rapid Map Refresh can be added onto these two models, as well as Navman's older MyEscape II and My Truck models, for an extra $149 starting from September this year.