Canon EOS R5 price may have just leaked – and it's not as bad as feared

Canon EOS R5
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As the full launch of the Canon EOS R5 gets closer, new details about the full-frame mirrorless camera are starting to emerge – and one leak may have just revealed its price tag.

Canon Rumors, which has so far proved to be a consistent and reliable source for news on the camera, says it's received a price list that shows the Canon EOS R5 will cost €4,500.

As the site points out, it's difficult to do a precise conversion on this price for other territories because Euro pricing includes VAT, which varies by country. Still, it concludes that this means US pricing will "definitely be below $4,000."

If we assume the worst case scenario of a $3,999 body-only price, that would likely convert to around £4,100 / AU$6,500. Considering a recent Australian price listing left us concerned that the EOS R5 would cost in the region of $6,800 / £5,550 / AU$10,499, that price tag isn't as bad as feared.

The apparently leaked pricing does also largely match the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, which is the Canon EOS R5's spiritual predecessor, when you take inflation into account. That camera arrived in 2016 for $3,499 / £3,599 / AU$5,699.

Canon EOS R5

(Image credit: Canon)

The price is right?

While that expected price tag certainly isn't cheap, the Canon EOS R5 is a professional tool that brings some potentially class-leading features to the mirrorless table – including being able to shoot 8K video without a crop and 20fps burst shooting.

That said, there is plenty of competition coming in the hybrid camera space. Rumors are growing that Sony will finally be announcing a successor to the Sony A7S III (or at least a successor to the Sony A7S II) later this month, while early whispers about a possible Panasonic GH6 launch in 2020 have also started.

For keen hobbyists and amateur shooters, the more tempting proposition could actually be the rumored Canon EOS R6. That camera hasn't yet been officially announced, but it's strongly tipped to arrive at the same time as the Canon EOS R5, and will offer a more affordable route to many of the latter's advanced features.

These are rumored to include dual card slots, IBIS, the ability to burst shoot at 20fps, and 4K/60p video powers. We'll find out for sure, though, when both cameras arrive, possibly as soon as July 2 or July 6, according to the latest speculation. 

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