Blu-ray and HD DVD prices set to drop

Blu-ray and HD DVD players could about to become a whole lot cheaper

Everyone who has been keeping an eye on developments in high-definition television knows that it's probably best to wait a while before committing to buying either a Blu-ray or an HD DVD player, a fact that was underlined by an announcement from Sharp Japan today.

The company announced in Tokyo that it has just started mass production of the blue-laser diodes used in both competing high definition (HD) formats, making it likely that prices of components and players alike will drop.

The first diodes to come off the production line are low-power devices intended for use in machines that only play HD discs, with higher-powered diodes for HD writers coming next year.

Sharp's factory in Hiroshima prefecture is currently running at 150,000 diodes per month, but Sharp plans to increase that to half a million in late 2007. Although Sharp refused to comment on the value of the market, the Nikkei newspaper reported today that it expects blue-laser diode sales to be worth around 15 billion Yen (£65 million) annually.

With Sharp joining the supply chain for HD DVD and Blu-ray machines, the inevitable price cuts will also be accompanied by an end to the component shortages of the kind that caused Sony to curtail its PlayStation 3 launch plans . J Mark Lytle was the former name of Its staff were at the forefront of the digital publishing revolution, and spearheaded the move to bring consumer technology journalism to its natural home – online. Many of the current TechRadar staff started life a staff writer, covering everything from the emerging smartphone market to the evolving market of personal computers. Think of it as the building blocks of the TechRadar you love today.