BenQ's 240Hz monitor is for eSports pros who have eyes on the prize

BenQ has revealed a new monitor aimed at eSports types which boasts a superfast 240Hz refresh rate and a novel touch in the form of side-mounted privacy shields.

The Zowie XL2540 is a 24.5-inch TN panel which is seriously slick in terms of its response time of 1ms and the aforementioned native 240Hz refresh rate.

The display’s resolution is 1920 x 1080 which might seem a tad disappointing to some in these days of pixel-packed screens, but keeping things to Full HD means that gamers without top-notch rigs are more likely to benefit from that fast refresh rate.

You can’t have missed the big flaps at the side of the screen, or shields as BenQ calls them, which help block out any distractions and keeps glare off the screen to an extent. (The frame of the monitor is also designed so it doesn’t catch reflections from the screen, which could also potentially be a distracting element).

When at a LAN party, the shields could also help prevent the prying eyes of your neighbors from seeing exactly where you’re hiding in the level (not that you should be hiding – get out there and fight for frag’s sake).

It’s possible to adjust the angle of the shields, or take them off entirely if you prefer.

Equalizing the odds 

The screen also has a Black eQualizer feature, another spin on tech that's quite common with monitors these days, which lightens dark scenes (so you can better see people lurking in shadowy corners – not that they should be hiding, see above!) without washing out the rest of the image.

Other perks include an ‘S Switch’ on the stand which facilitates swift and easy access to display settings, and a height adjustable stand.

No availability date or pricing has been mentioned yet, but hopefully we won’t have to wait long, and BenQ will be showing the display off later this month at DreamHack Winter.

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