Sonos unplugs another wire as it promises a tidier sound experience

RIP bridge, you've served us well

Sonos has been beavering away on ways to make its speaker system more user-friendly - and soon you'll be able to connect your Sonos components with a lot less hassle.

Sonos says that its speakers will be able to connect directly to your Wi-Fi network without the need for the bridge, which currently acts as middle-man communicator between the two.

All you'll need is the speaker, a Wi-Fi connection and the companion app and you're good to go. We expect that there will also be less delay every time you turn the speakers on, given they'll be able to beam straight to the source.

For those of you with multiple speakers linked together, fret not – everything will still play in sync.

Shake the room

Sonos was quick to remind us that doesn't mean the bridge has become redundant, so don't go throwing yours out the window. Especially if you have a particularly large house with spotty Wi-Fi signal.

But soon you'll have the option of not using it at all when setting up your Sonos system. We're told we'll hear more about all of this "in the coming weeks."

For now, Sonos says it's still testing the tech, but hopefully it won't be too long before we can say goodbye to another needless wire.

Hugh Langley

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