New Bluetooth speaker tech promises 100 hours playback on one charge

New Bluetooth speaker tech promises 100 hours playback on one charge
Might not look like much now, but you just wait

British company HiWave has developed new speaker technology that it reckons can ensure 100 hours of wireless music from a single charge.

The Endfire unit pairs to tablets, smartphones or laptops over Bluetooth with stereo playback through two 15W speakers.

The whole thing sounds incredible because it runs off three 2200mAh Li-ion batteries – that's the equivalent of 2 AA batteries - and uses microUSB for charging purposes.

Power saver

The low-power status is thanks, in part, to the HiAS2002, also known as the world's most efficient stereo amplifier, which can switch voltage rails to reproduce peaks without any detectable artefacts.

The Endfire also saves power by automatically entering standby when not in use.

"Endfire highlights what's possible using our DyadBA3 module and BMR speaker drivers," said James Lewis, CEO of HiWave.

"It lets speaker manufacturers rapidly develop high-power wireless speakers that exceed users' playback time requirements."

Although just a reference device at the moment, HiWave reckons it can handle high-volume requests immediately so it shouldn't be too long before we start seeing the power-friendly wireless speakers hit the market.

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled, that's for sure.

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