Sony releases new 3D TV surround sound system

Sony's new HT-5 3D-ready surround sound system
Sony's new HT-5 3D-ready surround sound system

Sony has released a new 3D-ready surround sound system for those early adopters out there keen to invest in one of the first 3D TVs out on the market this summer.

The new Sony HT-AS5 is described as an ultra-compact system with 3D HDMI pass-through and high-power S-Master amplification.

3D sound just like the cinema

Which basically means it will make your new 3D Bravia TV sound exactly as its manufacturer intended, when you are enjoying those new 3D Blu-ray movies that should be on the shelves very soon.

"Sony makes 3D plus great surround sound simpler than ever with the arrival of the HT-AS5 - designed to give room-filling audio - without filling the room with audio equipment," reads Sony's release just in.

"The system has 3D pass-through on HDMI, and features 1000W of S-Master digital amplification hidden away in its compact subwoofers, which also acts as the control centre for the system."

Sony's new system has 2 optical inputs and 1 coaxial digital input for games consoles and set-top boxes.

3D gaming audio

If you are going to buy a 3D TV soon and if you fancy playing some of the new 3D-ready PlayStation games that are already starting to appear on Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) then this new 3D-ready audio set-up could well prove to be a wise investment.

Providing you have understanding neighbours, that is…

The recommended retail price of Sony's new HT-AS5 is £429.99, although if you shop around you should be able to find it cheaper.

Adam Hartley