Samsung DA-E750 audio dock takes Galaxy S and iOS handsets

Samsung DA-E750 audio dock takes Galaxy S and iOS handsets
Samsung - dockalicious

We had a dream. And that dream was to be able to cut through the legal finagling and use our Samsung and iOS handsets with the same gorgeous audio dock. And today that dream came true in the form of the Samsung DA-E750.

They might be sworn enemies in court, but Samsung knows better than to completely alienate Apple's customers so its new audio dock can dock the iPhone, iPod and iPad as well as the Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S2.

The Samsung DA-E750 can also handle wireless music using Apple's AirPlay and Samsung's AllShare, as well as tunes from an analogue input, USB stick or portable hard drive.

Double hybrid

But enough of this format schlock; you want to know what makes it tick.

"The DA-E750 Audio Dock is Samsung's first speaker dock and features exclusive hybrid vacuum tube amplifier technology," says Samsung. Exclusive hybrid vacuum tube amplifier technology, you say? Tell us more.

"This technology combines the digital amplifier's transparent clarity with the natural sound performance of valve amplifiers and produces the ultimate listening experience."

Basically, those hybrid amps offer the warmth of a valve with the clarity, power efficiency and reduced size and price of a digital one. As well as that, you're looking at a 2.1-channel speaker and 100 watt subwoofer.

It certainly looks great but whether it sounds as good we won't be able to say until we get our ears 'round the DA-E750 at CES 2012.

Samsung's not giving anything away as far as UK release date and pricing are concerned, perhaps we'll find out more next week.

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