Revolver shoots out new turntable

Spin on this! Revolver is back in the black stuff

Revolver is back in the turntable game. The company is due to launch its first turntable in 17 years, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2008.

Despite the company's patchy history - it disapeared in 1990 and re-emerged as a loudspeaker company in 1994, only to be wound-down again in 2004 ­- many will fondly remember the brand and its legendary first turntable.

Shot in the dark

The new model, called the Replay, harks back to Revolver's 1980s heyday and is based upon the same design and engineering principles as its '80s predecessor, the Rebel.

Despite being based around this early deck, the new model has been modernised and now benefits from new materials, new technology and 'esoteric' styling. Weighing in at a reassuringly heavy 23kg, the Replay is based upon a split design plinth - where the critical parts of the turntable are isolated away from vibration.

The marble plinth is complimented by 38mm polyester-resin platter, which is belt-driven and operates at both 331/3 and 45 rpm speeds. It will be priced at £1,500 when it goes on sale in the UK and will come supplied with a SA-250 ST tonearm.