Pure upgrades Evoke DAB radio

The Pure Digital Evoke-1S looks and sounds better than the original, thanks to display tweaks and beefed-up electronics

Pure Digital has given its best-selling Evoke-1XT radio a makeover and added a stack of new features to help you part with your cash.

The new Evoke-1S comes with an organic light emitting diode (OLED) display instead of the old model's LCD one. It also now has 30 FM/AM station presets instead of the Evoke 1XT's six. And you can now buy it with an optional ChargePAK battery pack, which enables you to enjoy your favourite stations for up to 24 hours between recharges.

Pure has also tweaked the Evoke-1S's electronics and porting so it sounds even better than the already great-sounding original.

Also new on the Evoke-1S are textSCAN and IntelliTEXT. textSCAN enables you to pause the scrolling text that sometimes appears on the display during a radio broadcast - handy if you need to jot down a phone number or URL. IntelliTEXT enables you to store text so you can look at it later.

Eco credentials

Eco-aware consumers will be pleased by the fact that the Evoke-1S consumes less than 1W of power when left on standby. Pure hasn't published power consumption figures for when the radio is being used.

However we expect it to be around 3W, chiefly because the Evoke-1S is the second product in Pure Digital's EcoPlus range, and the first - the Siesta - also consumes this amount of power.

In any event, these figures are far better than the DAB radio average, which the Energy Saving Trust says is about 5W on standby and 8.5W in use.

The Evoke-1S is available in September for around £100.