Epos Mi speakers: A whole new world

Great speakers get even better, thanks to the new Mi modifications

Epos has launched a brand new loudspeaker range called the Mi series. The new five-strong line-up will replace the old M series, with prices starting at just £425. The new models have been over a year in development and are said to offer extensive enhancements over the old range.

New formula

The line-up comprises two standmount speakers, the M5i (for spooks everywhere) at £425 and M12i (£525), two floorstanders, the M16i (£850) and M22i (£1,100) plus a matching centre channel speaker, the M8i (£350).

Epos says the new Mi products have not lost their classic appeal, but have undergone a "21st century makeover". The dimensions of the new models are broadly the same as the old range, but crucially, the internal volume of each model remains unchanged.

Epos says the modifications made to the new Mi range have been designed to offer improvements in clarity and definition. To this end, the woofer and mid-range units are said to be as "linear as possible" and the matching metal-dome tweeter has been designed to be free from dome break-up resonance.

Epos's subtle changes across the range are certainly in keeping with its "evolution not revolution" design philosophy. For the new Mi range, the company has tweaked everything from the drivers and cabinets to the crossovers and grilles.