Apple Music for Android just got a little better with two new features

Apple Music for Android

Apple Music subscribers on Android are no longer second class citizens thanks to today's app update that includes music videos and a family plan.

Both these features were previously iOS exclusive, so it's nice to see Apple is working to create the same Apple Music experience across platforms.

Watching music videos through Apple's streaming app is good news for Android users who are looking for exclusives from Dr. Dre and Vice Media.

Dre is rumored to be working on a TV series for Apple Music called "Vital Signs" based on his life. Vice Media is working on a six-part documentary called "The Score," which features local music scenes from around the world.

Drake is also jumping on the Apple Music bandwagon, making his upcoming "Views" album an Apple exclusive. Users will be able to either stream Views via Apple Music or purchase the album from iTunes.

No longer a solo act

Apple Music for Android is no longer a solo act thanks to the addition of a family plan that brings a better value to the monthly streaming price for people in the same household.

Families of up to six can purchase a $14.99 per month plan in the US as of today. That's a great deal compared to the $9.99/month plan for a single user.

With both the iOS and Android apps getting almost equal billing, Apple Music is now a little easier of a sell to the entire family.

In fact, the only glaring omission is Apple's refusal to support Google Cast. That may be a dealbreaker for some Android users who want to stream to speakers with Chromecast.

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