Apple's AR glasses may see the light of the day in 2021

AR Glasses
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Apple has been consistently looking for cutting edge AR (Augmented Reality) technology for its camera and also for totally new products that it wants to introduce in the market.

And as per reports, Apple may unveil its AR Glasses sometime in the course of this year.

Apple AR Glasses is speculated to be similar to Facebook's AR Glasses announced through Project Aria that is expected to be available in 2021 as well.

According to a report published in DigiTimes, Apple is getting into second phase of development of its augmented reality glasses prototype.

From mid last year, reports have been doing the rounds that Apple is working on an AR/VR headset and AR-only glasses. 

It is widely believed that Apple's glasses would project information such as text messages and maps in front of the wearer's eyes. The glasses would also be operated through Siri.

Apple has advantage over Facebook in AR Glasses race

In any case, Apple is working on AR technology and sourcing AR components for its camera and a few other unspecified devices.

For instance, Apple acquired the Israeli start-up LinX in April 2015 for $20 million, absorbing the latter's 3D camera technology. LinX, founded in 2011, has the technology of adding more depth to photos by dividing the digital image in three stages.

And Apple already has a tie-up with LG Innotek to ensure regular supply of TOF modules.

TOF module (Time of Flight), by the way, is a 3D sensing component that calculates distance by measuring the time that light bounces back from a subject and recognizes an object’s 3D effect, spatial information, and movement. Basically, it is an ultra-compact mobile camera module for face recognition that can sense the 3D depth of the subject.

When AR is viewed through a TOF module, a real image combined with a virtual image can be seen more accurately and realistically. TOF technology allows a device to measure distance and recognize 3D shapes more accurately.

In the AR competition between Apple and Facebook, though the latter's project is well streamlined, the former has the advantage as its AR glasses can be an accessory to the iPhone. Facebook has no device of its own to fall back on. It has to either develop an entirely new device or pair it with its mobile apps.

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