Apple Watch will allow you to delete default apps in watchOS 6

Image Credit: TechRadar

Although the Apple Watch doesn't come with an overwhelming amount of native apps, Apple will apparently allow you to delete its own services from the device when you upgrade it to watchOS 6.

This comes from TechCrunch, who have spoken to people familiar with the matter who claim all Apple services will soon be removable from the smartwatch.

That includes Alarm, Timer, Stopwatch, Remote, Camera Remote, Radio, ECG and Breathe. 

If that's the case, it's also likely upcoming Apple services for the watch will be removable too. That includes Noise, Cycle Tracking, Calculator, Apple Books and Voice Memos.

Previously Apple has only allowed you to remove third-party apps from the Apple Watch, and it's currently unclear how you'll be able to get the services back if you've deleted them.

This is expected to come in watchOS 6 alongside a new dedicated App Store, a menstrual cycle tracking app and a service that listens to ambient noise to help protect your hearing.

That software upgrade is coming to all versions of the Apple Watch, apart from the original generation so as long as you're using an Apple Watch Series 1 or above you'll be able to do this.

We're currently expecting to see watchOS 6 land in September this year alongside the rumored iPhone 11 and Apple Watch 5.

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