Apple tipped to reopen its flagship NYC store when the iPhone 11 goes on sale

iPhone 11 event YouTube
(Image credit: Apple)

In case you haven't already heard, it's going to be a big week for Apple: on Tuesday we're expecting the company to unveil the new iPhone 11 handsets for 2019, the Apple Watch 5, and maybe a few more goodies as well.

Ahead of the launch event, a few late rumors have reached our ears – namely that the iPhone 11 will be available to preorder on September 13, and go on sale on September 20. That would match the schedule from previous years.

And "a personal familiar with the matter" told AppleInsider that Apple is planning to mark the occasion (the iPhone 11 going on sale) by reopening its flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York.

The store was shuttered in 2017 for renovations, but this weekend the iconic glass cube that marks the entrance was revealed – and it's sporting a rainbow-colored wrap, which fits with the colorful invites Apple has sent out for September 10.

Speaking of the launch event, it's been revealed that the iPhone 11 launch is going to be streamed live on YouTube for the first time – you can see the video embedded above, ready to go on the big day.

Previously, interested parties have been able to watch the event through the Apple website and live on Twitter, but YouTube is a first for 2019 – and quite a surprise, considering it's a Google property.

That gives you yet another way to tune into the action, and we will of course be bringing you all the announcements as they're made right here on TechRadar. The event gets underway at 10am PT / 1pm ET, which is 6pm in London and 3am the next day (September 11) in Sydney.

Among the big upgrades we're expecting this time around is an improved rear camera array, housed in an unconventional square frame on the back of the iPhone.

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