Next year's iPhones will reportedly have an all-new design and 5G

iPhone XS Max
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There are only a few days until we get a proper look at the iPhone 11 handsets for 2019, so of course it's time to get the iPhone 12 rumor rollercoaster started for 2020 – and noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has been making predictions already.

9to5Mac reports that Kuo is anticipating an "all-new form factor design" for the 2020 iPhones, so it could be goodbye to the display notch and various other bits of iPhone style we've become accustomed to.

The other two big upgrades, according to Kuo, will be the addition of 5G support (something that's been hinted at before) and "camera function upgrades", which we would expect in a new iPhone anyway.

Exactly what those camera upgrades are going to be, we're not quite sure – though analysts have previously mentioned that time-of-flight (ToF) sensors could be appearing in the rear cameras of the 2020 models, helping with adding depth and focus effects.

iPhones 11 and 12

We could also be in line for display size changes next year: 5.45 inches for the standard iPhone 12 (down from 5.8 inches), 6.7 inches for the bigger version (up from 6.5 inches), and 6.1 inches for whatever the 2020 version of the iPhone XR is (the same as it is now).

And the flagship iPhone 12 handsets might not be the only new phones that Apple puts out in 2020 – momentum is growing behind rumors of an iPhone SE 2 launch at some point early next year, for those who prefer a smaller form factor.

Finally, one more rumor we've heard about next year – the introduction of 120Hz refresh rates on the displays, for super-fast and super-smooth scrolling. Next year's iPhones could end up being quite the upgrade.

In the meantime, it's all eyes on Apple on Tuesday, September 10, when the 2019 iPhones will appear – square rear camera array and all. As ever, we'll be bringing you all the news as it's announced right here on TechRadar.

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