iPhone X repair fees are absolutely bonkers, even for Apple

So you thought the iPhone X itself was expensive? Just wait until you see the repair costs.

As MacRumors discovered, today Apple updated its non-warranty servicing pricing for the iPhone X, just in time for today's preorders. Judging from the numbers, it's probably a good thing they didn't update it earlier as they may have scared off potential buyers.

One of the standout features of the iPhone X is that fancy new OLED screen, which should save power and render images in brighter, crisper colors. 

Unfortunately, that means it's going to cost you $279 in the US to replace it if you shatter it. Compare that to the iPhone 8 Plus, which will only set you back $169 if you break the screen (and that's the same price you'll pay for breaking the screen of the older iPhone 7 Plus). 

It gets far, far worse if you have to repair any of the rest of it, likely because of that all-glass back that Apple included so the device would support wireless charging. Specifically, any "other damage" costs $549 to repair, which is crazy for a device that already costs $1,000. 

Outside the US, non-warranty screen repairs will run you £286, AU$419 or CA$359, while anything in the "other damages" category will run you £556, AU$819 or CA$709, depending on where you live.

A breaking point?

You can avoid these obscene prices if you pick up Apple's $199/£199/AU$299 AppleCare+ plan, which allows you to get relatively inexpensive out-of-warranty repairs for two years from the data of purchase.

Under the plan (which is more expensive for the iPhone X than earlier models), you'd only have to pay $29/£25/AU$45 for screen repairs and $99/£79/AU$149 for other damage. 

That's especially worthwhile if you end up dealing with the dreaded "other damage," as the cost of AppleCare+ and the repair cost together would only amount to $298/£278/AU$448. Apple clearly wants you to pick up its plan.