AMD wants you to help make its future GPUs better with driver feedback

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AMD is asking for feedback from the owners of its graphics cards, and wants to know which features are most important to them, presumably in order to help direct work on the Adrenalin 2020 Edition graphics driver going forward.

The company has run this sort of feedback request before, whereby a survey presents various options, and you’ve got to tick the features which you would like the most (yes, you can choose more than one option).

After the results have been filled in, AMD presents the current state of affairs so you can see what everyone else is voting for, and what the most requested feature currently is.

And what might that be? At the time of writing, here are the features ranked in order, with the percentage of votes they have achieved:

  • Fan Control Improvements: 53.1%
  • Minimal Radeon Software Install: 50.5%
  • Customize and Disable/Enable Features in Radeon Software: 48.7%
  • Improved Crash Reporting to AMD: 39.4%
  • Improved User Issue Reporting to AMD: 37.0%
  • Radeon WattMan Stress Test: 32.3%
  • Improved FPS Logging for Performance Overlay (Min/Max/Graphs): 27.5%
  • More Overlay and Metrics Tracking for CPU: 23.6%
  • Improved Support for Radeon Boost: 23.2%
  • Improved Help and Setup Guides: 11.5%

AMD fans are fans of fans

So improved fan control is top of the wish-list, rather surprisingly beating out a minimal software footprint, although the latter is a close second place (and was reportedly at the top not so long ago, mind you).

The ability to disable (or enable) whatever features you would like (and apply customizations therein) is in third place, with these three at the top by some margin.

The fact that fan control is in first place certainly suggests that the kind of gamers responding to the survey are of the more hardcore tinkering types, which would make sense – as these folks are more likely to be unable to pass up the chance to chip in their two cents regarding the direction the Radeon graphics driver should be heading in.

Another surprise is the fact that working on Radeon Boost is second-to-bottom, with only better help guides doing worse (which was never going to do well – and another reflection that more techie types, rather than GPU or gaming novices, are responding to this survey).

Radeon Boost dynamically lowers the resolution during fast movement in games, and is designed to deliver a smoother frame rate in the thick of combat, where you aren’t likely to notice any degradation in visual details.

Not everyone has welcomed Radeon Boost with open arms, though, and some claim it can produce rather jarring switches in frame rate (although this may be rather subjective, and depend on the game in question, too).

Furthermore, it’s still early days for the feature, which shows some promise, and with further work – along with additional support for more games – Boost could be a very valuable bit of functionality, and we’d have expected that a few more gamers might be thinking along those lines.

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