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Amazon's surprisingly good Freevee app comes to iPhone and Apple TV at last

Amazon Freevee app interface
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Amazon Freevee, Amazon’s ad-supported streaming platform, is now available as a dedicated app on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV in the UK. 

The free-to-stream service, formerly known as IMDb TV (which itself was once marketed as IMDb Freedive), offers consumers a mix of original content and licensed movies and TV shows, accessible through a standard Amazon account.

Amazon Freevee was rolled out to Google TV and other Android-powered devices, including Samsung mobiles and Sony TVs, earlier this year, and made its way to the App Store (opens in new tab) on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD in the US then, too – but now it's arrived as a dedicated app for UK viewers. Outside of the country? You can get an Apple TV VPN to access geo-restricted content.

Amazon Freevee’s expansion across devices coincides with the steady growth of its content library. As well as stocking classic Hollywood hits like Les Misérables and The Breakfast Club, the service boasts several high-quality original shows, including Bosch: Legacy and Alex Rider. 

Freevee is making a name for itself as a series reviver, too. Earlier this year, for instance, the platform pledged to give a second season to canned Paramount drama American Rust, while two beloved British comedy shows – Inside No. 9 and Friday Night Dinner – are also in line to receive the remake treatment.

Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton in Inside No. 9

Amazon Freevee is revamping Inside No. 9 for US audiences (Image credit: BBC)

Amazon recently pledged to increase Freevee’s slate of free-to-watch original content by 70% before the year is out, so we’re expecting the above shows to be joined by even more outlandish revival picks in the months to come (Tracy Beaker USA, anyone?).

It might seem strange that Amazon is doubling down on subscription-free content, especially when the likes of Netflix and Disney Plus are preparing to shake-up their business models with bold new subscription tiers in 2023. 

But such is the state of today’s economic climate that consumers the world over are looking to cut costs wherever they can. Amazon Freevee may have sounded like a bad idea five years ago, but the promise of free-to-watch content – in an age when subscription prices are rising and streaming services are multiplying – is more appealing than ever.

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