Amazon is allegedly bringing its music streaming service to Australia

We already know that Amazon intends to establish a full retail presence in Australia, and that its Prime Video and cloud computing services are already available, but now the US online retail giant wants to bring its music streaming service, Amazon Music, Down Under.

Although there isn’t yet an official announcement, Adnews has picked up a recruitment callout for a Head of Digital Music for Australia, amongst other Sydney-based roles in the music curation business.

A similar situation occurred in January of this year where the official announcement of Amazon’s entry into the Australian job market was preceded by a cluster of job offers, empty warehouses and vacant positions.

Face the music

Amazon Music is already well established in the US and UK and competes with the likes of Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora to offer streaming music content. Recently, Pandora chose to close down its Australian and New Zealand offices, but apparently this didn’t deter Amazon.

If we can rely on the validity of this information, it would be fair to assume that Amazon’s intention to secure its place amongst the big music streaming services in Australia would be in preparation for the company’s local launch of its smart home speaker, the Amazon Echo

Unfortunately there isn’t any solid word on any of Amazon’s movements in the Australian market apart from confirmation of their retail involvement ‘at some point’. So, while indicators are certainly pointing to a full scale rollout, whether or not we’ll end up with Amazon Music, Alexa, and Echo is still technically an unknown. 

Harry Domanski
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